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KERRI CREECH · Star Consultant

My name is Kerri Creech. I am an Independent Consultant for Scentsy located in Round Rock, Texas. Scentsy has fragrance products from hand soaps and laundry fragrances to no-wick candles that are flame-free, safe, and affordable. Visit me at to find out more.

Feel free to call me at 512.740.8293 or email with any questions or requests. Thank you.


I also handle: Grace Adele - It all begins with the perfect bag - just one is all it takes. One Grace Adele Bag can transform your style when you add your favorite clutches, clip-ons, accessories, and jewelry to create a whole collection of inventive-yet-effortless LOOKS.
Velata - Inspired by the best food traditions in the world, Velata's simple, stylish, and social products help families turn minutes into precious moments. Our goal is to help families just like yours slow down and enjoy each other as you enjoy food together — and turn dinnertime and parties into cherished memories.

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